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Feb. 9th, 2007 | 12:39 pm
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Fanfiction based on the Capcom franchise Devil May Cry. Dante, Vergil, or any other characters and ideas from the game are © Capcom and not me.

"Degrees of Separation" [AU; WIP] What if Vergil had won the final fight in the Underworld, instead of Dante? What if he’d lost to Mundus anyway? Seven years after Devil May Cry 3, Vergil returns to the human world – and brings Hell with him. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

"Missed You" [het: DxL] Dante can be pushy, and obnoxious.

"Personal Hell" [gen] Vergil thought he'd reached his lowest point -- and he was wrong.

"Shots" [gen] Lady can't keep up with Dante at anything.

"Last Date" [het: DantexOC] In Dante's world, no girl can measure up to a few special ones.

"Motivated" [gen] Dante and Vergil fight it out in Hell, and neither can take it completely seriously.

"A Sizzling Good Time" [gen] Complete Dante, Vergil, and Lady interaction silliness.

"Small Sacrifices" [gen; R] Vergil and Arkham are partners, and yet, their mutual dislike runs deep.

"On Your Knees" [gen; R] Manga-verse; Dante has a run in with one of the demons released by Vergil.

"Blood Brothers" [gen] A childhood fight turns ugly.

"Battle Scars" [gen] Young Vergil rescues his brother from a mob.

"Maybe In Another Life" [1character challenge] Fifty sentences on Lady.

"Best Unasked" [het: DxL] Dante dodges some uncomfortable questions.

"Trick of the Light" [het: DxL] Lady has to deal with Dante's demonic side.

"Banter" [het: DxL] Fighting, bickering, it's all the same.

"Payday" [gen] Novel-verse; first meeting between Grue and Tony Redgrave.

"Kind Connections" [gen] Crossover with Supernatural; Planning on hunting a monster, the Wincester brothers end up befriending him instead.

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